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Kevin Corish


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Kevin Corish is passionate about real estate. But not simply because of his love for the creativity and hustle of it — he’s passionate about it because it allows him the ability to create things of meaning. As a self-educated business professional with enough wisdom to fill up the pages of a dry university textbook, Kevin has paved his way through the property development and real estate industry in an exciting and creative fashion.

As Property Developer at KC Consultant Services LTD, Kevin has come along way from his humble beginnings in 2002. At the start, Kevin just wanted to buy a house, flip it, and sell it. He didn’t quite expect that it would turn into the lucrative career it has for him. But a man always looking for the next challenge in life, Kevin has moved on to become a highly successful real estate entrepreneur with a desire to directly impact the industry in positive ways.

As an experienced and seasoned professional in the real estate industry, Kevin knows full well the ebb and flow of the real estate industry. But as a passionate builder and savvy business professional, Kevin is passionate about breaking through the sometimes tough ground of the industry and establishing himself as a solid rock and stand-out professional in the star.

In addition to his career, Kevin Corish loves to exercise, fitness, and staying healthy. For Kevin, exercise allows him to build a body and a nervous system that allows him to pursue some of his favorite passions and the things he loves in his every day. One of these passions is boxing – of which he has competed as a professionally-licensed boxer. Kevin’s first professional fight ended in a draw — to a professional fighter with forty-five fights under his belt.











Kevin Corish is also a thought leader in the entrepreneurship industry with a passion for building a career that also works for him. For Kevin, taking his entrepreneurial-spirit by the reigns and building a life for himself that allows him to also pursue his side passions like fitness and boxing, has been something of utmost importance and happiness in life. For Kevin, designing a life that allows him to work at his own pace and explore the world has been something he tries to appreciate as much as he can and never take for granted.

For more on Kevin Corish and what he’s up to, be sure to check back for insights & updates and follow him online.

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